Advisory board


Dr. Mike capaldi, business advisor

Mike Capaldi has held senior roles in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry since 1982, both in the UK and the USA. Previous large companies included Ciba Geigy, SmithKline & French and Amersham International where he headed up the Drug Development Services in the USA – later becoming an Executive Vice-President in Nycomed Amersham’s healthcare division. For the last 18 years, Mike has worked in the biotech/technology sector serving as executive director on the Boards of both publically listed and private companies including Core Group plc, Oxford Asymmetry plc, Mindweavers plc, Synaptica Ltd, Scancell plc, Hunter-Fleming Ltd and CMP Therapeutics Ltd (in the latter four companies as CEO). Mike is also currently a non-executive director of Stealthyx Therapeutics, Roslin Cells and Synaptica. He joined Edinburgh BioQuarter as Director in 2010 before founding Sunergos Innovations in October 2015.


Dr. Alexandra stolzing, scientific advisor

Dr Alexandra Stolzing has her main research team in Loughborough, UK where she works as a Senior Lecturer. In the past, she served as the Head of Stem Cell Biology Group at the Fraunhofer Institute for Cell Therapy and Immunology. She completed her PhD degree at the Humboldt University of Berlin.

With over fifteen years in ageing and regenerative medicine research fields Alexandra brings incredibly rich and valuable insight to CellAge. Some of her achievements include developing a new way of creating iPS cells for clinical use to help develop therapies for ageing as well as developing stem cell treatments for Alzheimer’s disease. Alexandra has published over 55 peer-reviewed research papers.

Juan Carlos.jpg

Dr. juan carlos acosta, scientific advisor

Dr Juan Carlos Acosta did his PhD with Professor Javier Leon in the department of molecular biology where he completed a doctoral thesis in the study of the functional interactions between p27 and MYC in erythroid differentiation of leukemia cells. In 2006 he moved to London to complete a postdoctoral training in the laboratory of Jesus Gil at the MRC Clinical Sciences Centre working in several aspects of the regulation of senescence and the identification of new tumour suppressor pathways. Since 2013 he is in Edinburgh where he directed his independent research group as Chancellor’s Fellow at the ECRC, as part of the MRC-IGMM in the University of Edinburgh, interested in the role of senescence in remodelling of the tumour microenvironment and tumour suppression.